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The College Sports Track — Turning High School Athletes Into College Recruits

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Success is Predictable

SUCCESS IS A MINDSET that requires accepting and embracing. It’s not something you are born with, rather, it’s something you adapt to and decide upon.

Our students accept their role in the college process, meaning they take ownership for their desired outcome in doing many things others are not willing to do; gaining a much greater likelihood for success.


Success is predictable. I can evaluate the mindset and predict the success-path for a 15-25 year old through our College Ambitions Interview, a structured format that will reflect in one’s ability to adapt and decide. I then apply my- Ten Indicators for Success. Thereafter, I can determine the success-path of a young person and give them the necessary tools to affect their own outcome.

Get a read on it right here- TEN INDICATORS FOR COLLEGE SUCCESS

5 Outcomes Required to Make College Worthwhile!

Thinking of college? Go buy a pair of shoes this weekend.

How many of you go into a shoe store and buy a pair of shoes that:

- don’t fit

- don’t look good

- aren’t comfortable

- cost too much

Not many, but for those that do, you can simply put those shoes in the back of the closet and forget about them and the $80 you spent to buy them. BUT, you can’t pack away a $200,000 education in a closet for a college that didn’t fit. Think of the college process next time you’re trying on a pair of shoes. Continue reading…

Negotiating College Costs

“It’s not a good fit college if it’s not affordable.” – Hans Whether you are a senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman, negotiations for college begin right now. Maybe not in the literal sense, but certainly in the figurative sense.When I say “college costs are negotiable“, I don’t mean that you can wait until the invoice [...]

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Don’t Let The TIme Pass You By

“Don’t let the time pass you by. It’s all about the time and how you use it.” – Hans Finding the right college takes a plan. A plan takes time to prepare, time to execute, and time to see results. Let’s look inside the numbers to see the timeline to milestone dates in the college [...]

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New Rules for Winning the College Game

“The game has changed. When the game changes, the rules change and you need a new rule book.” – Hans The college game of winning admission acceptances, earning financial awards, and playing college sports has changed drastically over the recent few years. It’s a new game filled with new rules. And guess who sets the [...]

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Who Really Wants to Play College Sports

“Connecting with college coaches is a big challenge. Often times, when it’s convenient for them, it’s inconvenient for you. And when it’s convenient for you, it’s inconvenient for them.” – Hans Ok, it’s been that way for years and will continue for years to come. So what will you do about it? Most people will [...]

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Playing College Sports

“If we don’t know you, then we can’t recruit you.” NCAA Coach Seth Kaplan Playing College Sports, every one wants to, but who’s willing to do the necessary things to secure your desired outcome? It’s not for those who want and need, rather it’s for those who are willing to do things that others are [...]

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The Financial Award Letter- Maximizing Your Award

“95% of all families will overpay for college, it’s just a matter of how much- $10,000; $20,000; maybe $50,000 or more.”- Hans Financial award packages are coming in daily and will continue to do so between now and mid-April. You have two choices, one is to accept the college’s initial offer; or two, understand the six [...]

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MARCH MADNESS- Not Just a Basketball Tournament

March Madness begins…it’s March 19th and the tournament will be running in high gear shortly. Sure, the NCAA tournament attracts a great deal of interest and excitement, as it should. It’s a great event that captures the true essence of college sports where young athletes have opportunities to compete on a big stage. But in my world of [...]

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Top Secrets to College Sports Recruiting, # 1

“Winning can be defined as the science of being totally prepared.”- George Allen, Former NFL Coach  2.4 million high school senior athletes miss out on their college sports opportunity every year. 100,000 move on to having an opportunity to play at the college level. Of those, half have success, half don’t. Your college success depends [...]

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